Saturday, August 8, 2009

What Was It Like In The Olden Days, Daddy?

A couple of weeks ago, I officially became Really Old Minus One (59 years old).  What was it like back then? 

Lin Brehmer of Chicago's WXRT is one of bright spots of Chicago radio.  He has been around for years; his erudition and taste stand out like a beacon above the wasteland of so much of the pap that clutters our airwaves.  One of my favorite things is his listener-inspired Q/A segments -- Lin's Bin.

When driving home from a night in the warehouse, his often suprising but never dull thoughts on a topic brighten the morning even more than the struggling sunrise.  He gives me hope that intelligence, literacy, and awareness have not lost the culture wars yet.

Although Lin is a few years younger than me, his remembrance of childhood tracks really well with mine:

2/23/09: When I Was Young (mp3)

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