Saturday, August 8, 2009

Lost in the Blogosphere -- And Avoiding Baloney

So, way back when -- I started this blog.  Then, I began seriously reading what is already out there in the blogosphere.  And I got sucked in!  So much to read, so little time!  I didn't want to end up writing something that was already published (and, probably, better written.)  So, I read and read and read ....

But, enough is enough.  I think I've got better sense of what I want to do here and how I can provide something of value.  There will be links to posts that I've enjoyed interspersed with my thoughts on various random things.

One of the places I've found entertaining and enlightening is the Richard Dawkins site.  Check it out here.

For those of us who are lobbying for a more critical approach to dealing with the world, Michael Shermer's Baloney Detection Kit is marvelous.

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